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The FBAW Observatory is a repository of relevant family business papers, research, content, and publications. This collection is open to the public and accessible for all.

FBAW - Research Highlights | 
Family Business Resilience

We are delighted to announce the launch of the "FBAW - Research Highlights" discussing important pieces of research about family business in the MENA.


In this first session, FBAW Co-Founders Farida El Agamy, and Dr. Rodrigo Basco discussed the topic of "Resilience” by looking at the recent STEP and KPMG study called "Weathering the Storm: Family firm strategies in the midst of growing uncertainty."


Please click here to download the report.

MENA Family Business Survey
Sentiment Report August 2020
Conducted by: Tharawat Family Business Forum
MENA Family Business Survey-Snapshots La

The MENA Family Business Survey Sentiment Report highlights the challenges and priorities of family business leaders across the MENA region. The survey takes a snapshot of key areas of concern to multi-generational family firms from Algeria, Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt, Jordan, KSA, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Sudan, Tunisia and Yemen. With the oldest participating family firm founded in 1865 the survey gives a rare insight into the mindset and outlook of the regions driving private companies.

As the private sector is moving from emergency response to recovery mode, the majority (51%) of survey respondents believe it will be another 18 months until economic activity reaches 2019 levels. Just 20% believe that we will return to pre-COVID economic levels by Q1 of 2021. Family Businesses will be key drivers for the future growth of the region.


Read and download the full report here

Download the infographic here


Saud Bin Majid’s Dilemma. Al Saud Company Case Study.

Introduction by Sheikh Sooud Al Qassemi

Upon returning to the UAE in the fall of 1998 at the age of 20 after a four-year stay in Paris and unexpectedly assuming a role with substantial responsibilities in the firm my family founded about 20 years ago, I realised I was out of my depth.

I proceeded to enrol in short-term courses and conferences that discussed the challenges faced by family businesses in the region. I had the opportunity to listen and learn from many leaders, but above all else, the candid and frank talks by members of leading family businesses who shared their experiences of dealing with conflict had the largest impact on me... Read More


Family Business Ecosystem in United Arab Emirates

“Although the economy of the UAE is prospering, its future depends on the behavior of the youth and their ability to embrace a new diversified model of economic development and to draw upon the entrepreneurial dynamism of local family firms in order to adapt their business models to the future knowledge-based economy... Read More


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